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Enjoy 15% discount with tour ticket to the theatre.

The Golden Hotel Barcelona
From October 15th to November 27th of 2022.

If you are going to the theater in Barcelona, you can spend the same night at the The Golden Hotel Barcelona with a 15% off.

How to book?

Send an email to reservaszt@zthotels.com with the dates of accommodation, number of rooms, number of people (adults and children) who will be staying and the entrance to the theater where the date of the show can be clearly observed.


  • A 15% discount will be applied on the night the play takes place when presenting the corresponding theater ticket
  • The discount is applied to the selected room at only accommodation or bed and breakfast.
  • The 15% discount is applicable to the room of the show attendant.
  • The discount is per room and is not cumulative.

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